Corruption or Incompetence or Both

It ends with an unnecessary road through a public park (Vanier Park) in Vancouver. But how did it begin?

With a Mayor desperate to be re-elected through the promise of a multitude of affordable homes?
With a Mayor in the pocket of a real estate developer?
With a Mayor, Council and Development Group (Squamish and Westbank) so arrogant that they neglect to engage with the local community to discuss traffic planning options to arrive at potential solutions to minimize impacts.
With a Federal Government so out of touch with accountability that it gives away public park space to a First Nation to whom it previously paid $92.5 million in a settlement agreement, whereby the First Nation abandoned future claims to that park?
With a Federal Government so insensitive to local conditions that it writes a lease that a park can only be used “for park, recreation and museum purposes, and solely for these purposes” and yet gives away space for an unnecessary access road to a commercial property developer?

Other more viable, less disruptive, less ecologically destructive access roads are available. Have corruption, incompetence or both led to this point?

Let us ensure that Vancouver citizens are aware of the lack of appropriate governance, particularly on the part of the City of Vancouver, who negotiated a Services Agreement with the developers in complete secrecy.

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