Alternate Road Solutions

Given that a new road through Vanier Park is off the table, and that Kits Point streets are already overloaded, what other alternatives are there?

1. Limit the extent of the Senakw buildings such that all traffic that enters and exits the site does so via 1st Avenue and Fir Street. These streets being commercially-zoned, means that weekend and night-time traffic is minimal (when compared to residentially-zoned Kits Point, where the inverse is true). In addition, 1st Avenue and Fir Street are far better located for access to the Burrard and Granville bridges.

2. Limit the extent of the Senakw buildings such that traffic incoming to the Senakw north-side buildings, enters via Chestnut Street (just north of the Chestnut/Greer intersection ), and exits at 1st Avenue/Fir Street.

Let us insist that the City of Vancouver let us know as to which, if any, alternative solutions have been proposed, other than a road through Vanier Park.

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