Senakw Population Density compared to Vancouver Westend

Senakw Population Density (see below) will be 8.28 times as dense as the Westend, whose population density rivals that of New York City.

It should be noted that, while the City of Vancouver has no jurisdiction over the Senakw land, it certainly has the leverage to insist that the developers, Nch'Kay/West, abide by some reasonable population density. Certainly 8.28 times the Westend density is not reasonable, and appears only attainable if a service road through Vanier Park is provided.

Let us insist that the City of Vancouver use its leverage and not allow a road through Vanier Park.

Senakw proposed population: 9000 people (though some sources say 10000)
Senakw land area: 4.7 hectares
Senakw Population Density = 9000/4.7 = 1914 people per hectare

Westend Population Density = 231 people per hectare.

Senakw Density relative to Westend = 1914/231 = 8.28

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